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This is a 2-day foundation training in Compassionate Communication with a focus on self-empathy as the keystone for compassion. Held at a private home in the Ecovillage, Currumbin Valley, southeast Queensland, it goes from 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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This 1-day workshop is for anyone who has attended a foundation training in Compassionate Communication (NVC) and would like further practice, particularly with naturalising their language.

The key to deeper and more heart-connecting communication is self-compassion, particularly the experience of embodiment – when we are fully present to what is alive in us in this current moment and fully able to take responsibility for what we’re feeling and thinking.

In this Deepening workshop, we will explore self-empathy more fully and practise naturalising our language so that it helps us to more deeply connect with ourselves and others.

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A 1-day experiential journey exploring self-nurturing and self-empathy at EVOHE, a natural and organic skincare company located on the Gold Coast (Queensland). This event is co-facilitated by Meg Forrester (Evohe’s CEO and Co-founder) and myself. Meg will share her discovery of self-nurturing as one of the main tools that supported her through a very challenging period as the carer for her very ill husband whilst also trying to keep her business going. Meg will lead a self-nurturing circle using Evohe products in some nourishing self-care rituals. The rest of the day will be spent experiencing various ways to practise self empathy and how to practically and easily bring this more and more into our daily lives.

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