“I experienced profound results with NVC in my personal relationship and was very fortunate to have Filippa support my partner and I directly with this process. We continue to use NVC as the base for all of our communication, especially the “tricky” stuff.

I soon realised that on a business level, NVC could benefit my whole team and so I asked Filippa to run a weekly series with my staff. I soon noticed a more conscious connection in how we communicated with each other, and there was a level of clarity that we had never had before. Now, when issues arise, we have a clear course of action through using NVC techniques and resolutions can be found naturally and easily.

I believe the practice of conscious, compassionate communication can change our world from the ground up.”

 meg evohe
Meg Forrester, CEO
Evohe Natural Skincare
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

“I was impressed by Filippa’s thorough preparation and expertise as a teacher. Her Compassionate Communication classes provided a very safe and supportive environment. It was both a learning and fun experience, and I’d definitely recommend Filippa’s courses.”

Dr JoJohn McAndrewhn McAndrew, PhD
English Language Enhancement Officer
Griffith University
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

“I highly recommend this process. I’ve done the weekend workshop with Cate Crombie (metacommunicate.com) and Filippa Araki (who is my daughter) and have found it very powerful for understanding and resolving blocks in communication. I also have frequent chats with Filippa about issues that arise in our daily lives, and she shares her understanding with me, in a very enlightening dialogue. We both enjoy this process, which, though profound, is also fun and becomes easier as you apply it.”

Christina HouenDr Christina Houen, PhD
Writer, Editor, Artist
Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia



Other TESTIMONIALS from participants in my workshops:

“I am so satisfied with how this course was presented. Filippa has an engaging and nurturing teaching style. … I felt very comfortable, supported and engaged. … I loved everything about the course..”

“Totally satisfied. I felt valued and respected and included. … I liked the way Filippa presented in such a straight-forward, open, relaxed, simple and honest manner.”

“I have learnt a life skill that will totally change the way I communicate with myself and others. Filippa listened to my questions and gave practical, empathic suggestions and skills to help me understand the process and its flow.”